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As I roll out the Straight Talk Framework Content (click here for the plan), this section will offer key elements and additional resources. Most of this site is just a mocked-up place-holder. It'll change incrementally over the coming weeks and months... with the first content available soon!  

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Get started: Straight Talk Framework

An entire page dedicated to introducing and sharing the Straight Talk Framework

Additional Resources

Straight Talk 5x5 

5x5 is a measure of the strength and clarity of a radio signal. When someone “reads” you 5x5 — sometimes voiced as LOUD AND CLEAR — the signal is strong, clear, and free of noise. 

We all need more signal and less noise.

The Straight Talk 5x5 builds on the concept of 5x5 with a message that is loud and clear. We use constraints to achieve this goal.  The chief constraints are 5 slides (or key points) delivered within 5 minutes or less. This package includes more. 

Three Steps to Reclaim and Command Your Time

== Currently scheduled to start as a series in April 2020 ==

It started as a sketch to explore why we have no time. I focused on the steps to reclaim and take command (not control) over your time. In the process, I realized that leaders have a responsibility to help their teams -- but it takes a shift in approach. Overall, I'm also exploring simple, powerful ways to increase your value. 

I have a few folders of ideas... we'll see where this leads. 

Straight Talk:  Value Exchange

== Currently scheduled after conclusion of the command your time series ==

Should you take that vendor briefing? 

Do you need to attend that conference (event)?

What about that meeting?

 I'll share a simple way to rapidly assess -- and track/check -- potential value to inform (directed) action. 

Straight Talk: Vendor Value Scorecard

== Currently scheduled after conclusion of the Value Exchange ==

I built this a few years ago to address a simple challenge: was the briefing worth it? 

And what happens next.

Five questions adapted from the Straight Talk Framework into yes or no questions. Within 10 minutes or less you'll know if it makes sense to continue and define the best next step. 

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