March 16

Straight Talk Framework Content Plan – Phase 1

Straight Talk Framework


I am excited to share the evolution of the Straight Talk Framework with you. Here’s what the (current) overall plan looks like:

This started as my internal plan. I shared it with a friend who suggested I make it public. I listened.

As I sketched this out, I quickly realized that I could spend a weekend or more just planning. That’s not helpful. So I stopped planning more to focus on presenting the Straight Talk Framework.

With a good push in March and April, this works out to be about 12 weeks or so of programming — easily into June 2020. 

Planning with Post-Its helped me see how much has changed in the Straight Talk Framework. All for the better. In some ways, the Straight Talk Framework got a bit simpler. In others, it got more powerful.

Since it’s going to take a while to get all the ideas out of my head, notebooks, and various digital repositories (how come no one writes about ‘information debt’), I opted to share my proposed roadmap and likely calendar.

This is a proposed content plan. As I work through the list, I’m inclined to split things apart, add new elements, change titles, and respond to questions. That means I’ll keep the updates coming, but the timeline will expand accordingly. 

Phase 1: Straight Talk Framework Overview and Elements

The first phase (re)introduces the Straight Talk Framework and key concepts. We’ll work through the three aspects of Straight Talk and the three skill set areas. Then we’ll dive into the elements (the five questions) that define the core structure of each skill area – along with a handy one-sheet reference.

Week of March 16th, 2020

Straight Talk Framework Overview 5×5

A brief introduction of the areas (experience, skillset, and practice) and what it all means.

What is Straight Talk?

Exploring what Straight Talk is, what it isn’t, and how you can get started.

How Frameworks Work 5×5

Straight Talk is a Framework (not a formula) and it’s worth briefly introducing what a proper framework looks like. 

Straight Talk Framework – Levels and Progression (5×5)

An exciting and powerful improvement is the introduction of levels and simpler progression (good for learning and application). I might include a one-page picture for this one, too. And it draws on some other research I’ve been advancing for the last decade or so. 

RESOURCE: Straight Talk 5×5

I’m introducing and making the Straight Talk 5×5 (described above) available as a resource (not yet sure if that’ll happen in one shot or as a short series).

Week of March 23, 2020

Straight Talk Framework: Experience 5×5

The tenets of Straight Talk essential to creating and maintaining the experience. 

Straight Talk Framework: Skillset 5×5

What most people seek — the three areas and four sets of elements (phrased as questions) that define the structure. I’m not going to tease the next set I’m working on 😉 

Straight Talk Framework: Practice 5×5

Another key evolution of the framework is the incorporation of a practice. This is powerful.

Week of March 30, 2020

STF: Identify Value Elements 5×5

An overview of the five elements to identify value; the basis of successful value propositions (and more). 

STF: Actualize Value Elements 5×5

An overview of the five elements to actualize value; these form the execution cycle and set the stage for a powerful Rapid Execution Practice.

STF: Articulate Value: Better Story Structure Elements 5×5

An overview of the five elements necessary to structure a better story. Simple, not easy. 

Articulate Value: Communicate what Counts Elements 5×5

An overview of the five elements to communicate value effectively when it counts. This one actually dates back to 2003-2004 (in case you like little nuggets like that). 

RESOURCE: Straight Talk Framework Skill Elements One Page 

A one-page (likely hand-sketched) reference of the four sets of elements (questions) – and a continuum concept to help visualize the interconnection between the skills and elements. 

Want to see the rest of what is currently planned?

I’ve posted the current three-phased plan and resources here:

Time to get to work.

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I'm driven by a simple purpose: I love it when people see something great in themselves that inspires them to realized untapped potential and create a story worth celebrating.

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